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WBTL 2020 winter test was a complete success

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As one of the world's major suppliers of braking systems, WBTL has a group of winter retrograde team who travel to the extreme cold regions every winter to carry out actual vehicle tests of product low-temperature performance and reliability under extreme cold conditions. Heihe is located in the high-latitude and high-cold region of China. It has a cold-temperate continental monsoon climate with cold and dry winters, long winters and short summers. The lowest temperature in winter reaches -40℃ each year. WBTL this year's extreme cold test officially started here on December 20, 2019.


This winter  test involves dozens of models, including WCBS, EPB, D-EPB, ABS, ESC and other electronic control products. There are many models and test items involved in the winter standard each year. In order to complete the winter standard verification as planned and with high standards, the winter standard team in Wuhu Bethel conducts various tests intensively every day based on the test plan, gets up and down early, overcomes various difficulties, and is nervous and orderly. Carry out various tests. Due to the extreme cold test spanning the Spring Festival holiday, the first phase of Bethel's test persisted until the day before New Year's Eve. After the short Spring Festival holiday, there was an outbreak of the new coronavirus across the country and strict control of the epidemic situation in various places. The test time is already tight every winter, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic has disrupted the original test plan. Some calibration projects in Wuhu Bethel are scheduled to be mass-produced in the second half of 2020, and once the precious test time of thtimee winter standard is missed, it will have to wait for the next year, which will have a great impact on the launch of customers' products in time. Under this circumstance, Wuhu Bethel adheres to the principle of customer first and rushes to the test site as soon as the destination traffic is open and Heihe allows foreign personnel to enter the local area. However, the original test site’s application for resumption of work was rejected, and the local government was communicating with the local government and the opening hours were not clear. The Bethel winter bidding team immediately contacted nearly ten test sites and traveled thousands of kilometers to investigate eligible Test site. Eventually, a test base that can be opened to the outside world and has the largest single test site in China is found. After determining the test site, the Bethel Winter Standard Site search team immediately returned to the original test site and transferred all test vehicles to the new test site overnight.


After arriving at the new test base, according to local epidemic prevention requirements, all members of the Bethel Winter Standard team were quarantined for several days according to the requirements of the local government, and went to the local hospital to take CT, blood sampling and other types of epidemic prevention medical tests, pending all tests by all personnel After all the projects were qualified, we finally waited for the long-awaited resumption of work. At this time, due to the long delay in the previous period, the annual test plan could not be completed according to the previous staffing. On February 20, Wuhu headquarters urgently mobilized dozens of technical backbones to go to the scene immediately and put them on the front line of the winter standard battle, starting at 4 am every day and ending at 23:00 every day, shifting day and night tests, and finally successfully completing dozens of models of the year Winter standard work.


In this winter test, the company's WCBS, EPB, D-EPB, ABS, ESC and other electronic control products were calibrated to verify the performance and reliability of the products under extreme cold conditions. The calibration verification vehicle involves fuel vehicles and new energy sources, and models include SUVs, cars, light trucks, buses and other types of vehicles. Due to the epidemic, most customers cannot go to the site in person. In response, the company headquarters quickly mobilized various information resources, configured professional information equipment, and carried out on-site video connections with customers in a scientific and objective way to facilitate customers Online acceptance based on field tests and data thousands of miles away.


The 2020 winter test in WBTL lasted more than three months. The test team overcame numerous difficulties and finally completed the annual winter calibration as planned! Here, thank you for your support in the process! The recognition and trust of customers is the driving force for the Bethel team to make unremitting efforts and leap forward. In the future, Bethel will continue to uphold the corporate mission of "Developing Industry and Serving the Society", adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, and make persistent efforts to develop more high-end electronic control products that meet the future needs of customers and serve global customers.

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