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Congratulations to WBTL for its successful listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange!

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 April 27, 2018  Bethel Automotive Safety Systems Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange The stock code is 603596.s


The guests and Mr. Yuan Yongbin, Chairman of Bethel, started the market together

 Bethel Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bethel) issued 40.86 million shares at a price of 15.1 yuan per share.


Mr. Yuan Yongbin, Chairman and General Manager of  Bethel Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd. said in his speech: In the future, Bethel will adhere to market-oriented, through technological innovation and management innovation, and strive to build the company into a technological leader , Excellent brand, internationally renowned supplier of automotive brake systems.


After the market opened today, Bethel's stock price straight line up limit, the increase was 43.97%, the highest rose to 21.74 yuan.


About  Bethel Automotive Safety System Co., Ltd.

Bethel was established in June 2004. Now it has 9 factories and 2 technical centers nationwide, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of automotive brake system related products.

Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on positive research and development and independent innovation. Up to now, the company has applied for 227 patents, including 84 invention patents, and obtained invention patent authorizations in China, the United States, Japan and South Korea. Bethel is currently a national high-tech enterprise, with a nationally recognized enterprise technology center and a CNAS certification laboratory.

In recent years, while continuously increasing the scale of production and sales of mechanical brake products such as brakes and boosters, the company has also implemented electrical controls such as electronic parking brake system EPB, brake anti-lock braking system ABS and electronic stability control system ESC. Breakthroughs have also been made in the production and sales of mobile products. At the same time, the company seized the opportunity of the lightweight development of automobiles and established Weihai Bethel Sakedi Company in 2012 to specialize in the production and sales of lightweight parts and components, and its scale is increasing.

Bethel Company Events


Wuhu Bethel Company was established;


The first disc brake was put into mass production;


Passed ISO/TS16949 and ISO9001 certification;


Established Bethel Electronics Company;

The general manager of the company, Mr. Yuan Yongbin, participated in the drafting of the United Nations ESP regulations;

Won the "High-tech Enterprise in Anhui Province";


Won the "National High-tech Enterprise";

The company's IPB and vacuum booster products were put into mass production;


Won the "2010 Most Competitive China Top 100 Auto Parts Enterprises";

Won the "Provincial Recognized Enterprise Technology Center";


Won the "2011 Anhui Province Auto Parts Famous Enterprise"


Established Weihai Bethel Sakedi Company;

The company's EPB products were put into mass production;

The company's pneumatic ABS products were put into mass production;


The company's hydraulic ABS products were put into mass production;


Mass production of lightweight differential pressure casting products;


Won the "National Recognized Enterprise Technology Center"

Won the "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise"

Passed ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification;

The company is listed on the New Third Board;


Established Suining Bethel Company;

Won the "Customs AEO Certified Enterprise";

Won the "Top 100 Industrial Enterprises in Wuhu City";

Won the "Excellent Supplier of General Motors China Green Supply Chain Project";

Won the "Excellent Cooperation Performance Award of Chery Automobile";


Won the "Anhui Province Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise";

The company's EPB patent won the "Anhui Province Patent Gold Award";

Won the "Bronze Partner Award of SAIC-GM Dongyue Base Supplier";

Won the "Excellent Cooperation Performance Award of Chery Automobile";

Established Shanghai Technology Center;

Established Hangzhou Bay Branch;


Successful listing of A shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange

New products and technologies of Bethel Company in recent years

Low drag brake caliper products

Wuhu Bethel has launched low-drag brake calipers in recent years. The actual average drag of its products can be reduced by about 30% compared to the brake caliper industry standard.

Lightweight technology and products

Based on national policy guidance, Bethel has launched a variety of lightweight technologies and products in recent years: lightweight differential pressure casting aluminum alloy products, lightweight cast aluminum brake calipers, etc. Based on the different product structure, the weight of traditional cast iron products can be reduced by 30% to 50%.

The third generation smart epb

Wuhu Bethel EPB has now developed to the third generation smart epb. The third-generation smart epb has been further upgraded in terms of parking ability, comfort and durability. At the same time, Bethel’s leading control algorithm can assist in starting without the need for clutch position sensors and gear sensors, which can save customers considerable additional parts procurement costs.

Dual control EPB ECU products

Based on the demand of new energy vehicles to cancel the P gear lock, Bethel has launched a patented dual-control EPB ECU product in recent years. This product can meet the requirements of regulations and customers for cost optimization while customers cancel the P gear locking mechanism. At present, the patent has been authorized by the country.

Low bounce brake products

Bethel has independently developed low-bounce brake assembly technology in recent years. The application of this technology can reduce the brake assembly bounce by about 40% compared with the industry's conventional requirements, which will help to further reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicle and improve the braking comfort.



In the future, Bethel will focus on the company's overall development strategy, adhering to the corporate mission of "Developing Industry and Serving the Society", adhere to the craftsman spirit, and continue to work hard to better return to the society.

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