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Product frontier Dual-control Electronic Parking Brake System

Release time:2021-02-21 16:21:09 Access times:815


With the support of national and local government policies, China's new energy vehicles have achieved rapid development in industrialization and scale in recent years. As of the end of 2017, the cumulative sales of new energy vehicles in China reached 1.8 million, more than 50% of the cumulative global sales. As far as new energy vehicles are concerned, the development of the Chinese market, whether in terms of sales volume, growth rate or global market share, has now ranked first in the world.


In order to promote the rapid development of China's new energy vehicles to a higher stage, the state has accelerated the introduction of a series of stimulus policies in recent years: subsidies gradually decline, "double points" new policy, and so on. The upgrade and release of this series of policies will intensify the competition in the domestic new energy industry, and China's new energy vehicle market will gradually shift from policy-driven to market-driven.


In the environment of rapid development of the new energy market, in order to meet customer needs for various new technologies and new products for new energy vehicles, Bethel has successively introduced low-drag brake calipers and lightweight brake calipers to the market in the early stage. , Lightweight steering knuckle, lightweight control arm and lightweight booster products. Through the large-scale application of new technologies and products above Bethel in customer vehicles, it has assisted in increasing the range of customer vehicles, and cooperated with customers to better meet the increasing requirements of national policies for new energy vehicle range.


Following the large-scale application of the above new technologies and new products to new energy vehicles, Bethel has been developing products for many years and based on the existing smart epb, in order to further improve the parking safety and reliability of new energy vehicles Bethel once again developed and launched another new technology product for new energy vehicles: dual-control electronic parking brake system.

The main features of Bethel dual-control electronic parking brake system are:

1. With the Bethel dual-control electronic parking brake system, customers can achieve the parking requirements of GB21670 without additional configuration of the P gear locking mechanism, which can greatly reduce the purchase cost of the P gear locking mechanism of the vehicle company.

2. Bethel dual-control electronic parking brake system is derived from Bethel's mature smart epb. The product adopts mature hardware design and software algorithm control to ensure the stability and reliability of the system;

3. The Bethel dual-control electronic parking brake system adopts a redundant design concept, and all key control modules adopt a redundant structure. If any part of the electronic control unit (including MCU) fails, the system can still meet the regulatory parking requirements;

4. The motor control module adopts the H-bridge design, the controller has low noise, and the emergency braking response is fast, which improves driving comfort and safety;

5. Independent control of dual ECUs, real-time communication between MCUs, real-time control of the working status of MCUs and making choices, which improves the reliability of the system.

6. Bethel dual-control electronic parking controller has been authorized by the National Patent Office.

The Bethel dual-control electronic parking system has been developed simultaneously for many models. Customers are welcome to visit and exchange.

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